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Then install the free "Global Exception Tool" ad blocker. It analyzes site content, finds ads and instantly hides them to make the Internet yours again!


Here it is - the fastest and most effective ad blocker!

It will open to you the limitless Internet world without annoying ads that flooded the Web. By downloading "Global Exception Tool" you will get rid of banners, teasers and other ads that steal your traffic and distract you from viewing landing pages

What advantages await us after ads blocking:
  • improved browser speed;
  • reduced memory usage when visiting sites;
  • increased page loading speed;
  • reduced bandwidth;

"Global Exception Tool" protects your privacy in as many ways as possible

It starts by blocking content from services marked as "unnecessary" in our databases. This immediately clears more than 80% of trackers, leaving only unknown or new trackers. To make sure that even they cannot track you. "Global Exception Tool" will never require personal information to launch and won't track your online activities!

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  • Requires no additional settings
  • Blocks all unnecessary ads
  • Super friendly support team
  • Awesome Support

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